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Herrmann H., Hader D., Seidlitz H., Ghetti F. Study on the effects of UV radiation on phytoplankton photosynthetic efficiency by means of a sunlight simulator. In: Médecine biologie environnement international journal, vol. 23 (1) pp. 36 - 40. European Institute of Ecology and Cancer, 1995.
A sunlight simulator was used to investigate the effects of short term irradiation on photosyntetic oxygen production and chlorophyll fluorescence of unicellular algae Dunaliella salina and Ochromonas danica. The effects of irradiation with full sun simulator light are compared with those of irradiation without UV-B and short wavelength UV-A radiation of lacking any UV component. the data indicate in the case of Dunaliella salina a specific photoinhibitory effect of short wavelength UV radiation on the oxygen-envolving system and the linear electron transport chain, whereas in the case of ochromonas a strong photoinhibition was observed under all experimental conditions.
Subject Sun simulator
Oxigen-evolving system
Plancton photosyntesis

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