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Rovero P., Pegoraro S., Vigaṇ S., Amato C., Vaccari L., Balestreri E., Felicioli R. Solid-phase synthesis and dimerization of an azobenzene-containing peptide as photoisomerizable proteinase inhibitor. In: Letters in Peptide Science, vol. 2 (1) pp. 27 - 32. Springer, 1995.
The synthesis and biological activity of a photochromic compound, in which two Lys2 dipeptides are linked through their N-terminal amino groups by an azobenzene moiety, are reported. The synthesis was achieved by a novel solid-phase dimerization strategy, based on the reaction of 4,4prime-azobenzene dibenzoyl chloride with two N-terminal amino groups of distinct Lys2 dipeptides directly on the resin. Both the trans form and the photostationary state mixture (59% cis and 41% trans) inhibit a plant proteinase which is known to be sensitive to polycationic compounds.
DOI: 10.1007/BF00122920
Subject Azobenzene
Proteinase inhibitors

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