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Sgarbossa A., Lucia S., Gioffrè D., Ghetti F., Checcucci G. Effects of UVB irradiation on pigment systems and photomotile responses of the colored ciliate blepharisma japonicum. In: Annual meeting of the Società Italiana do Fotobiologia (Salice terme (PV), 1993). Proceedings, pp. 177 - 181. F. Dall'Acqua, L. Santamaria (eds.). (Médicine biologie environnement : bullettin of the european institute of ecology and cancer). European institute of ecology and cancer, 1994.
The effects of UVB irradiation have been comparatively studied on the pigment systems, the motility and the responsiveness of red and blue Blephctrisma japonicum cells. Upon UVB irradiation the capability of red cells to show photomotile responses is severely impaired, even though no apparent photoinduced damage is detectable in the chromophore. The extent of the UVB—induced damage to cell motility and viability is comparable in both red and blue cells; this indicates that cell vitality is damaged not through photosenzitization mediated by either type of endogenous pigment, but rather because of a direct effect of UVB radiation on specific absorbing targets.
Subject UVB radiation
Blepharisma japonicum

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