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Lombardi A. T., Seritti A., Morelli E. Marine dissolved organic matter. Fractionation by RP-HPLC. In: Humic substances in the global environment and implications on human health : proceedings of the 6. International Meeting of the International humic substances society (Monopoli (Bari), 20-25 September 1992). Proceedings, pp. 851 - 856. N. Senesi, T. M. Milano (eds.). Elsevier, 1994.
Using a reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic technique, tC18 Sep-Pak extracts of marine dissolved organic matter and of soil fulvic acid were fractionated in 5 distinct groups based on their polarity behaviour. The chromatographic data show a higher degree of polarity for the soil sample in relation to the marine. Fluorescence emission spectra were recorded for each HPLC fraction and the distribution of the fluorescent organic matter with respect to the total organic matter has been evaluated. A trend between fluorescence and polarity has been observed for the marine sample, while for the soil fulvic acid fluorescence was equally distributed.
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