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Taddei-Ferretti C., Chillemi S., Di Maio V., Musio C. Suppression of Hydra periodic shortening activity by repetitive phase delay. In: Progress in Biochemistry and Biotechnology, vol. 2 (1-2) pp. 147 - 154. NY Nova Science Publ, 1994.
The mechanisrn responsible for the periodic shortening-elongation behaviour of Hydra has been interereted as being oscillatory. A further confirmation of such oscillatory stature or the behaviour triggering system is giver: here experimentally by testing the possibility of mantaining the system at a fixed phase by repetitive light pulse stimulation or suitable frequency. The condition to obtain the effect are deduced from the shape or the phase response curves expressing the periodical variation of the system responsiveness to different types of light stimuli. The degree of congruence or the actual results with the expected ones are discussed in terms of the intrinsic noise of the system, wich can affect either the cycle periodic lenght or the cycle shape.
Subject Hydra
Periodic behaviour
Phase resetting

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