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Bertani R., De Liso A., Ferrara R., Maserti B. E., Trifoglio M., Zuccarelli D. Mercury in a primary consumer (Eobania vermiculata) collected near a chloralkali complex. In: Environmental Technology, vol. 15 pp. 1095 - 1100. Taylor, 1994.
Mercury concentration in the land snail Eobania vermiculata in plants, soil and air has been carried out in an area affected by a chlor-alkali complex to evaluate the bioaccumulation processes in a primary consumer. Very low values were measured in the snail shell (0.001-0.020 g g1 d.w.), while in the soft tissue values (0.03-0.72 g g1 d.w.) comparable to those present in the plants were observed. The high mercury levels (0.20-5.97 g g1 d.w.) found in the snail gut seem to indicate the presence of detoxification mechanism preventing the bioaccumulation of the metal. However mercury is a transferred by the snail to the subsequent level of the food chain.
Subject Mercury
Land snail
Eobania vermiculata
Chlor-alkali chain

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