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Bellelli A., Ippoliti R., Lendaro E., Brunori M., Benedetti P. A., Evangelista V., Guidarini D., Vestri S. Analysis of biochemical processes in single living cells by quantitative microscopy. In: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology International, vol. 33 (2) pp. 289 - 311. Taylor, 1994.
Spectroscopic measurements in single living cells are made possible by the development of computer controlled light p i detectors, which,i when applied. toŚ optical tmicroscopes, yield spatial, temporal and eventually spectroscopic information about the sample. This :minireview describes some experiments in which the distribution and concentration of specific intracellular markers (proteins , protein complexes, RNA) has been followed by quantitative microscopy. The examples chosen have contributed to O Q shed light is on a biochemical process as it happens in vivo; because of the non ideal conditions of the intracellular milieu, the comparision of in vivo and in vitro experiments is of great relevance to understanding of cellular physiology
Subject Quantitative microscopy
Single live cell
Red blood cells
Intracellular RNA
Secondary mediators

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