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Barsanti L., Passarelli V., Lenzi P., Walne P. L., Dunlap J. R., Gualtieri P. Effects of hydroxylamine, digitonin and triton X-100 on photoreceptor (Paraflagellar swelling) and Photoreception of Euglena gracilis. In: Vision Research, vol. 33 (15) pp. 2043 - 2050. Elsevier, 1993.
We present experiments that test the effects of agents commonly used in visual pigment investigations, namely hydroxylamine (NH2OH), digitonin and triton X-100, on the photoreceptor and photoreception of Euglena. Hydroxylamine reacts with free and opsin-bound retinal, in aqueous solution, to form stable oximes, whereas digitonin and triton X-100 are the most common extractants of rhodopsin. Since previous data indicate that the chromophore present in Euglena photoreceptor is retinal, we investigated the influence of these chemicals on this organelle. The effects of these agents were studied by means of phase contrast, fluorescence and transmission electron microscopy and photobehaviour experiments. Hydroxylamine inhibited the formation of the Euglena photoreceptor. Photo-accumulation experiments on hydroxylamine-treated cells showed that they are unable to perceive light. Digitonin solubilized the crystalline structure of the photoreceptor, whereas the triton effect was limited to the membranous structures of the cell, leaving the photoreceptor unimpaired.
DOI: 10.1016/0042-6989(93)90002-E
Subject Euglena gracilis
Triton X-100

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