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Balestreri E., Felicioli R., Ficcanterri R., Fiorentini R. Isolation and charaterization of ribulose-1,5-Bisphosphate-Carboxylase from nettle (Urtica Dioica L.). In: Acta Alimentaria, vol. 22 (3) pp. 211 - 221. Akadémiai Kiadó, 1993.
An original laboratory method for the extraction and purification of ribulose-1,5- bisphosphate-carboxylase (EC from nettle (Urtica dioica L.) is described. The method is based on the fractionated precipitation with ammonium sulfate, followed by a preparative isoelectrofocusing. The main molecular features of the purified native enzyme are given, togheter with its heat stability and solubility as a function of pH and ionic strength.
Subject Ribulose-1,5- bisphosphate-carboxylase
Urtica dioica L.
Functional properties

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