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Morelli E., Puntoni F., Seritti A. Fluorescence characteristic of reverse phase HPLC fractionared marine organic matter. In: Environmental Technology, vol. 14 pp. 941 - 948. Publications Division Selper Ltd, 1993.
Fluorescence emission spectra, recorded ad different excitation wavelenghts (lambdaex), and synchronous-scan excitation spectra of Sep-Pak extratable marine organic matter (SPE-MOM) and its reverse phase HPLC fractions were used to describe the fluorescence characteristics of such naturally occurring organic compounds. Sep-Pak extractable soil fulvic acid (SPE-SFA) and its chromatographic fractions were used as reference material. The results show a different distribution of fluorescent material with respect to the chromophoric one in the HPLC fractions of SPE-MOM with a higher concentration of the shortest wavelenght emitting fluorophores in the most hydrophobic fraction. No apparent correlation with polarity was observed for the SPE-SFA sample. Synchronous-scan excitation spectra indicate a higher presence of the shorter lambdaex fluorophores in SPE-MOM whereas SPE-SFA exhibits a remarkable presence of longer lambdaex fluorophores. Hence, a younger formation of marine organic matter with a lower structural complexity was postulated.
Subject HPLC
Marine organic matter

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