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Scarano G., Morelli E. A voltammetric study of copper-ion binding to the cell surface of the marine alga. In: Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability, vol. 5 (4) pp. 129 - 134. Science & Technology Letters, 1993.
The binding of copper ion to the surfaces of the marine diatom Phaeodactylom tricornutum was studied in seawater pH 8. The cell wall complexing capacity and the average surface complex formation constant were determined by voltammetric titration curves. the presence of biotic particles at a concentration of 2.7x10+6 cells mL-1 does not hinder the measurement of stripping currents and the voltammetric fraction of non-reducible copper is the same as the copper bound to the cell surfaces measured by atomic absorption spectometry.
Subject Voltammetry
Surface complexation
Phaeodactylom tricornutum

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