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Lombardi A. T., Morelli E., Balestreri E., Seritti A. Reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic fractionation of marine organic matter. In: Environmental Technology, vol. 13 pp. 1013 - 1021. Publications Division Selper, 1992.
Marine dissolved organic matter, isolated by adsorption onto tC18 Sep-Pak cartridges (SPE-MOM), and soil fulvic acid tC18 Sep-Pak processed (SPE-FA) were analysed by RP-HPLC with UV absortiondetection (254 nm). The use of a stepwise gradient in sodium acetate/acetonitrile allowed up to six fractions to be separated in both cases. Elution polarity ranged from 10.06 to 8.68. The linearity range, tested with fulvic acid not Sep-Pak processed, was within the values of 7.0 microg and 20.0 microg for all fractions. Methodological aspects and chromatographic differences between SPE-MOM and SPE-FA are discussed.
Subject Seawater
Marine dissolved organic matter
Humic substances

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