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Seritti A., Morelli E., Nannicini L., Scarano G. Trace metals in the western Mediterranean Sea. In: Toxicological and Environmental Chemistry, vol. 28 pp. 87 - 93. Gordon and Breach Science, 1990.
Data on Cd, Pb and Cu concentrations in seawater referring to five years of field studies on the western Mediterranean Sea are reported in order to present a space and time integrated situation on the levels of these metals. Surface total metal concentrations present rather homogeneous distributions between the different areas considered, including the Tyrrhenian Sea. The metal concentrations in three areas affected by natural and industrial wastes are also discussed. The vertical distribution of the dissolved Cd, Pb and Cu in the Alboran Sea seems to be rather homogeneous,both vertically and among the stations chosen between the Strait of Gibraltar and the Island of Alboran.
Subject Cadmium
Western Mediterranean Sea
Vertical profiles

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