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Scarano G., Ganni M., Nannicini L., Morelli E., Seritti A. Copper binding ability of the extracellular organic matter released by Skeletonema costatum. In: Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability, vol. 1 (2) pp. 71 - 76. Science and Technology Letters, 1989.
The copper complexing ability of the exudates produced during teh exponential growth phase by Skeletonema costatum has been investigated by a ligand-competition tecnique involving copper sorption onto C-18 SEP-PAK cartridges. Two ligands with different affinity for copper were required for the best fit of the copper complexation data in seawater with and without exudates: a strong ligand with a log K close to 13 and a water ligand with a log K close to 9. The culture increased both L1 and L2 ligand concentrations, already present in seawater, by a factor close to 4 after the first 72 hours of growth. The presence of class 1 stronger ligands in copper binding organics produced by the diatom is discussed in relation to natural copper speciation in the sea.
Subject Copper speciation
Skeltonema costatum

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