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Barbi M., Morelli E., Orsini F., Seritti A. Voltammetric measurements of complexation capacity of seawater. Data analysis. In: Environmental Technology Letters, vol. 7 pp. 201 - 214. Science & Technology Letters, 1986.
DPASV measurements of complexation capacity of seawater samples collected from the Tyrrhenian Sea during the period December 1981 - May 1982 are reported.The data analysis was performed by the direct least squares method implemented on the computer. The differences between this method and that of linear regression commonly reported in the literature are outlined. In particular, the method presented here allows consideration of the errors in the experimental measurements as well as calculation of the uncertain ties in the estimates of complexation capacity (Lt) and conditional stability constant (Kc) parameters. The results show that the Lt values for waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea range from 0.84*10-7 mol(Cu)l-1 to 2.97*10-7 mol(Cu)l-1, while difficulties arise in attributing an environmental significative to Kc. This is to be related to the high error connected with its estimation through the titration method by DPASV.
Subject Volammetric
Data analysis

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