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Barghigiani C., Ferrara R., Seritti A., Petrosino A., Masoni A., Morelli E. Determination of reactive, total and particulate mercury in the coastal waters of Tuscany (italy) by Atomic Fluorescence Spectometry. In: Journees d'etudes sur les pollutions marines en Mediterranee.Workshop on pollution of the Mediterranean (Cagliari, 9-13 Ottobre 1980). Proceedings, pp. 127 - 130. CIESM, 1980.
Total, reactive and particulate mercury were measured for samples collected in coastal and estuarine waters of three areas of Tuscany (Italy) chosen for the presence of anthropogenic and natural sources of the metal. For this purpose an instrument based on fluorescence spectometry using a radiofrequency (electrodeless) discharge lamp, with a detection limit of 0.01 ng, has been developed. UV photo-oxidation to degrade organoc mercury compounds was used. Concentrations in the range 0,36 - 2.14 ng/l for reactive, 1,34 - 5,91 ng/l for total and 5,2 - 44,6 ng/l for particulate mercury were measured. Reactive and total mercury were determined in filtered samples.
Subject Mercury

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