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Colli P., Gilardi G., Rocca E., Schimperna G. On a Penrose-Fife Phase Field Model with Non-Homogeneous Neumann Boundary Conditions for the Temperature. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//2003-1327, 2003.
This work is concerned with the study of an initial and boundary value problem for a non-conserved system of phase field equations arising from the Penrose-Fife approach to phase-transitions problems. Several works deal with variations of the same problem coupled with third type boundary conditions for the heat flux. Our aim, instead, is to consider the case of the non-homogeneous Neumann boundary condition for the heat flux, to find well-posedness for a weak formulation of this problem, and to prove a regularity result in case of smoother data and a slightly less general heat flux law.
Subject Penrose-Fife model, Neumann boundary condition, heat flux law
35K60 (35D05, 35B45,80A22)

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