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Auricchio F., Lovadina C., Madureira A. Asymptotically Optimal Models for Heterogeneous isotropic Linearly Elastic Plates. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//2002-1271, 2002.
In this paper, we derive and analyse two-dimensional models for heterogeneous and isotropic linearly elastic plates. The modeling procedure is based on the second Hellinger-Reissner principle, which we suitable modify to derive consistent models. Due to the plate heterogeneity, the classical polynomial profiles for the shear stress are in general replaced by more sophisticated choices, based on asymptotic expansions. We recover, in the homogeneous case a model of Reissner-Mindlin type with 5/6 as shear correction factor. Asymptotic expansions are also used to derive error estimates for the displacement and stress components.
Subject 74K20

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