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Kessler D., Scheid J., Schimperna G., Stefanelli U. Study of a system for the isothermal separation of components in a binary alloy with change of phase. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//2002-1305, 2002.
An isothermal model describing the separation of the components of a binary metallic alloy is considered. A process of phase transition is also assumed to occur in the solder; hence, the state of the material is described by two order parameters, i.e., the concentration c of the first component and the phase field phi. A physical derivation is provided starting from energy balance considerations. The resulting system of PDE's consists of a rather regular second order parabolic equation for phi coupled with a fourth order relation of Cahn-Hilliard type for c with constraint and solution-dependent mobility. Global existence of solutions is proved and several regularity properties are discussed under more restrictive assumptions on the physical parameters. Continuous dependence on data is shown in a special case. An asymptotic analysis of the model is also performed, yielding at the limit step a coupling of the original phase field equation with a Hele-Shaw like system for c.
Subject Phase change, phase separation

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