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Bouillault F., Buffa A., Maday Y., Rapetti F. The mortar edge element method in three dimensions: application to magnetostatics. Technical report ercim.cnr.ian//2001-1208, 2001.
The subject presented in this paper concerns the approximation of a magnetostatic problem, where the primary unknown is the {em magnetic vector potential} in a three-dimensional system composed of two solid parts separated by an interface. The approximation of the problem here is based on the {em mortar element method} combined with edge elements on tetrahedrical meshes that do not match at the interface. In this paper we describe the proposed method and its implementation aspects together with some numerical results that illustrate how the method works.
Subject Domain decomposition method, edge element approximation, magnetostatics, mortar element method, non-matching grids
65M55, 68U20, 78A30, 35Q60

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