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Rosso R., Brunelli M. C. P. Forces on nematic disclination with optimal core. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//2001-1210, 2001.
In this paper we study the forces acting on a nematic disclination whose core is determined by means of a suitable variational procedure. For sake of simplicity, we focus attention on straight disclinations of strength $S=+1$ within a capillary tube, reducing the problem to a planar one. We show that, if the disclination is not close to the capillary boundary, its core has nearly circular cross-sections that are not coaxial with the disclination. On the contrary, when the disclination is close to the capillary boundary its core suffers large distortions from a circular shape. The force acting on a disclination, that dictates its incipient dynamics, is computed as a function of its distance from the capillary axis, and is compared to that obtained when the core cannot change its shape.
Subject Disclinations, nematics, optimal core

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