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Brezzi F., Lions J., Pironneau O. Analysis of a Chimera method. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//2001-1234, 2001.
Chimera is a variant of Schwarz' algorithm which is used in CFD to avoid meshing complicated objects. In a previous publication [3] we proposed an implementation for which convergence could be shown except that ellipticity was not proved for the discretized bilinear form with quadrature rules. Here we prove that the bilinear form of the discrete problem is strongly elliptic without compatibility condition for the mesh of the subdomains in their region of intersection.
Chimera est une variante de l'algorithme de Schwarz utilise' en me'canique des fluides nume'rique afin d'e'viter le maillage d'objet trop complique'. Dans [3] nous avions propose' une imple'mentation dont on peut de'montrer la convergence sauf pour l'ellipticite' que nous avions laisse' en conjecture. On la de'montre ici, sans hypothe`se de compatibilite' entre les maillages des diffe'rentes regions.
Subject Domain Decomposition, Incompatible Grids, Chimera Methods

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