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Kralj S., Virga E. G. Universal fine structure of nematic hedgehogs. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//2001-1257, 2001.
We study in a Landau-deGennes approach the biaxial structure of a nematic point defect with topological charge M=+1. We aim at illuminating the role of the confining boundaries in determining the fine structure of the defect. We show that there are different regimes associated with different values of the ratio between the typical size $R$ of the region in space occupied by the material and the biaxial correlation length $xi_b$. For $R/xi_b>20 the core structure is already qualitatively universal, that is, independent of the confining geometry, while for $R/xi_b>200$ also any quantitative difference is unlikely to be detected.
Subject Liquid crystals

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