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Burger M., Engl H., Markowich P., Pietra P. Identification of Doping Profiles in Semiconductor Devices. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//2001-1241, 2001.
This paper is devoted to the identification of doping profiles in the stationary drift-diffusion equations modeling carrier and charge transport in semiconductor devices. We develop a framework for these inverse doping problems with different possible measurements and discuss mathematical properties of the inverse problem, such as identificability and the type of ill-posedness. In addition, we investigate scaling limits of the drift-diffusion equations, where the inverse doping problem reduces to classical (elliptic) inverse problems. As a first concrete application we consider the identification of piecewise constant doping profiles in p-n diodes. Finally, we discuss the stable solution of the inverse doping problem by regularization methods and their numerical implementation. The theoretical statements are tested in a numerical example for a p-n diode.
Subject Inverse problems, doping profile, regularization methods

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