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Rocca E. The Conserved Penrose-Fife Phase Field Model with Special Heat Flux Laws and Memory Effects. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//2001-1217, 2001.
In this paper a phase-field model of Penrose-Fife type is considered for diffusive phse transitions with conserved order parameter. Different motivations lead to investigate the case when the heat flux is the superposition of two different contributions; one part is the gradient of a function of the absolute temperature theta, behaving like 1/theta, as theta approaches to 0 and like -theta as theta tends to +infinity while the other is given by the Gurtin Pipkin law introduced in the theory of materials with thermal memory. An existence result for a related initial-boundary value problem is proven. Strengthening some assumptions on the data, the uniqueness of the solution is also achieved.
Subject Penrose-Fife model
Phase transitions
Time discretization

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