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Bonetti E. Asymptotic analysis of a diffusive model for shape memory alloys with Cattaneo-Maxwell heat flux law. Technical report ercim.cnr.ian//2000-1187, 2000.
This work is concerned with a diffusive model for some austenitie-martensite phase transition process ruled by the Cattaneo-Maxwell heat flux law, namely assuming for ythe heat flux a relaxed version of the classical Fourier law. A rigorous asymptotic analysis of the macroscopic model is performed and it is shown that such model is nothing but a singular perturbation of the standard Fremond model for shape memory alloys. Convergence results are proved along with error estimates.
Subject Shape memory, austenite-martensite phase transition, thermal memory, initial-boundary value problem, asymptotic analysis
74D10, 35Q72, 80A22

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