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Simoncini V., Perugia I. Block--diagonal and indefinite symmetric preconditioners for mixed finite element formulations. Technical report ercim.cnr.ian//1999-1159, 1999.
We are interested in the numerical solution of large structured indefinite symmetric linear systems arising in mixed finite element approximations of the magnetostatic problem; in particular, we analyze definite block--diagonal and indefinite symmetric preconditioners. Relating the algebraic characteristics of the resulting preconditioned matrix to the properties of the continuous problem and of its finite element discretization, we show that the considered preconditioning strategies make the used Krylov subspace solver insensitive to the mesh refinement parameter, in terms of number of iterations. In order to achieve computational efficiency, we also analyze algebraic approximations to the optimal preconditioners, and discuss their performance on real two and three dimensional application problems.
Subject Preconditioning, iterative methods, mixed methods, finite elements.

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