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Blouza A., Brezzi F., Lovadina C. A new classification for shell problems. Technical report ercim.cnr.ian//1999-1128, 1999.
In considering the shell problem, two distinct classifications have been already proposed. The first one leads to call a shell membrane dominated or bending dominated if the space of inextensional displacements is reduced to the null element or not. This classification is independent of both the thickness and the loads applied to the shell. The second one, used in engineering practice, is simply based on a comparison between the bending energy term and the membrane energy term. It depends on both the thickness and the loads applied; its main drawback is that it is not rigorous. The purpose of this Note is to give a new rigorous shell classification, which depends on the loads, but it is independent of the thickness. Although we develop our theory only for Koiter shells, the same procedure can be used for other models, such as Naghdi's one, for example.
Subject Shells
35J70, 73K15

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