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Buffa A., Maday Y., Rapetti F. A sliding mesh-mortar method for a two dimensional eddy currents model of electric engines. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1999-1144, 1999.
The paper concerns the application of a non-conforming domain decomposition method to the problem of the computation of induced currents in electric engines with moving conductors. The {em eddy currents model} is considered as a quasi-static approximation of Maxwell equations and we study the two dimensional problem associated either to the modified magnetic vector potential or to the magnetic field. Two discretizations are proposed, the first based on curved finite elements and the second one on iso-parametric finite elements in both the static and moving parts. The coupling is obtain by means of the {em mortar element method} and the approximation on the whole domain turns out to be non-conforming. In both cases optimal error estimates are provided. Numerical tests are then proposed in the case of standard first order finite elements to test the reliability and precision of the method. An application of the method to study a realistic eddy currents problem is also provided.
Subject Eddy currents problem, nonconforming finite element approximation, domain decomposition methods
65N15, 65M55, 68U20, 78A30, 35Q60

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