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Bertolazzi E., Manzini G. Template classes for PDE solvers on 2-D unstructured meshes. Technical report ercim.cnr.ian//1998-1124, 1998.
The software library P2MESH is a collection of C++ class templates suitable for developing prototypes of high-performance PDE solvers on unstructured 2-D meshes. P2MESH together with its underlying data structures are designed to support a wide variety of discretization methods on triangles and quadrilaterals, such as Finite Volumes or Finite Elements. Both stationary and time-dependent problems can be addressed. The design philosophy of P2MESH does not consider neither specific model problems nor built-in approximation algorithms. The software package turns out to be of general purpose and it may also be used as a building block in the implementation of numerical codes both for engineering applications and mathematical problems.
Subject Object-oriented programming
Finite elements
Finite volumes
PDE solvers
Unstructured mesh

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