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Ammari R., Buffa A., Nedelec J. A justification of eddy currents model for the Maxwell equations. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1998-1109, 1998.
This paper is concerned with the approximation of the Maxwell equations by the eddy currents model, which appears as a correction of the quasi-static model. The eddy currents model is obtained by neglecting the displacement currents in the Maxwell equations, and exhibits an elliptic character in the time-harmonic formulation. In this paper, we study the well posedness of the eddy currents model. Then, we show that the eddy currents model approximates the full Maxwell system up to the second order with respect to the frequency if and only if an additional condition on the current source is fulfilled. Otherwise, it is a first order approximation to the Maxwell equations. The time-dependent case is also investigated. Our results strongly depend on the topology properties of the domains under consideration.
Subject Maxwell equations, eddy current model

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