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Ironi L., Tentoni S. An integrated quantitative-qualitative approach to automated modeling of visco-elastic materials from experimental data. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1998-1089, 1998.
Automated modeling plays a key role in the realization of intelligent computational tools capable to emulate the human expert's reasoning in problem-solving activity aimed at performing tasks in engineering domains. This paper illustrates, through a case study in the domain of visco-elastic materials, how a suitable integration of qualitative, mathematical, statistical, numerical techniques may result in a unified and robust approach for the automation of the process of system identification. Given observations on the physical system and the model space, the most accurate ordinary differential equation model is identified by automating two fundamental tasks: the selection of the set of plausible model structures within the model space, and the guidance of numerical procedures with respect to issues like initialization, identifiability, conditioning as well as choice of the proper solver methods.
Subject Qualitative modeling, viscoelastic materials

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