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Colli Franzone P., Pennacchio M., Guerri L. Accurate computation of electrograms in the left ventricular wall. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1998-1096, 1998.
An integral representation of electrograms is used for large scale simulations in an anisotropic model of the whole left ventricle. Numerical artifacts, like spurious oscillations or peaks, may appear if the computational grid is not fine enough. To avoid an excessive increase in the number of elements and nodes we present a numerical procedure based on a combination of: a special refinement of the grid, a sub-element technique, a non linear interpolation and a split form of the integral. The numerical simulations show that in this way it is possible to suppress the numerical artifacts thus allowing an accurate computation of electrograms in any point inside or outside the myocardial wall.
Subject Electrograms, bidomain model, FEM, adaptivity

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