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Fornasari N., Lanucara P., Rovida S. Parallelizzazione automatica di un codice GMRES a blocchi: Analisi delle prestazioni. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1998-1095, 1998.
We discuss the performance of the automatic parallelization of a block GMRES algorithm, one of the most popular iterative solvers for multiple large non-symmetric linear systems. When the problem is large enough, the performance is quite satisfactory, due to the parallelization of the dense-to-dense matrix product. The detailed analysis of the code structure shows that another time consuming step of the algorithm is the dense-to-sparse matrix product. We test the explicit parallelization of this step by means of compiler directives, using GUIDE, a set of the standard OpenMP directives.
Subject GMRES a blocchi
Parallelizzazione automatica

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