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Buffa A. Error estimate for a stabilized domain decomposition method with nonmatching grids. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1998-1082, 1998.
When dealing with some domain decomposition methods for nonmatching grids, we have to solve ill-posed Dirichlet problem in mixed form at each sub-domain. In general, the grid for the multipliers depends on the complete formulation while the triangulation inside the domain (for the solution) is chosen according to the local (at the sub-domain) problem which has to be solved. We present the existence analysis and the error estimate for a stabilization technique which has been previously proposed by F. Brezzi and D. Marini. We show that this technique can be used even when the grids have very different sizes and, in this case, an optimal error estimate is provided
Subject Domain decomposition methods, nonmatching grids,

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