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Brezzi F., Gerard P., Sanchez-Palencia E. Remarks on ellipticity and regularity for non-inhibited shells and other constrained systems. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1998-1114, 1998.
We examine ellipticity properties for three examples of constrained systems with a Lagrange multiplier. The system of incompressible elasticity is in the restricted context of the Grubb--Geymonat elliptic systems. The Reissner--Mindlin system of plates is in the Agmon--Douglis--Nirenberg context. The system of thin shells which are not geometrically rigid is elliptic or hyperbolic points of the surface, respectively; moreover, this property is only concerned with equations, without boundary conditions. Some properties of the wave fronts and propagation os singularities are given.
Subject Ellipticity, shells

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