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Perugia I. A mixed formulation for 3D magnetostatic problems: theoretical analysis and face-edge finite element approximation. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1997-1059, 1997.
A mixed field--based variational formulation for the solution of threedimensional magnetostatic problems is presented and analyzed. This method is based upon the minimization of a functional related to the error in constitutive magnetic relationship, while constraints represented by Maxwell's equations are imposed by means of Lagrange multipliers. In this way, both the magnetic field and the magnetic induction field can be approximated by using the most appropriate family of vector interpolators, and boundary conditions can be imposed in a natural way. Moreover, this method is more suitable than classical approaches for the approximation of problems featuring strong discontinuities of the magnetic permeability, as is usually the case. A finite element discretization involving {it face} and {it edge} elements is proposed. Stability analysis is carried out and error estimates are given.
Subject Threedimensional magnetostatic problems, finite element discretization

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