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Ferraris S., Carra G., Gallo C., Manzini G. Rill erosion on a sandy soil: preliminary field experiment and quasi-3D numerical simulation. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1997-1072, 1997.
This paper illustrates the validation of a quasi three-dimensional model of overland flow and soil erosion phenomena by comparing numerical investigations with the results of an ad-hoc designed field experiment. The model couples a shock-capturing finite-volume approximate solution of a kinematic wave and soil transport rill model with a two-dimensional finite-element solution of a variably saturated Richards' equation on the vertical planes perpendicular to the rill. The rill is $2,m$ long on the 9% slope of a sandy hill. Preliminary results show a good agreement between measured and simulated discharges.
Subject Rill erosion, finite elements, Godunov-type methods

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