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Alotto P., Delfino F., Molfino P., Nervi M., Perugia I. a) A mixed face-edge finite element formulation for 3D magnetostatic problems; b) Mixed finite elements for the simulation of fields and forces in electromagnetics devices. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1997-1061, 1997.
A mixed variational formulation for the solution of 2D and 3D magnetostatic problems, based on both the magnetic and the magnetic displacement fields has been developed. This formulation is based upon the minimization of the residual in the fulfilment of the constitutive magnetic realtionship, imposing Maxwell's equations as constraints. A finite element discretization has been realized by using {it face} and {it edge} elements, in order to guarantee the phisycal continuity of both the two fields. The first part of this publication deal with the 3D case. After recalling the mixed variational formulation of the problem, the finite element discretization and the code development are presented and discussed. In particular, a preconditioning techique allowing the application of iterative methods to solve the final algebraic linear system is described. Computational results are also presented. The second part deal with the application of the formulation to the computation of magnetic forces. It is pointed out that Maxwell's stress tensor method to force computation applied after a field analysis carried out by using the field--based formulation does not present typical drawbacks, occurring when applied in connection with classical formulations. Numerical results referring to the leakage field in a transformer are presented.
Subject Finite element methods, magnetostatics, electromagnetics

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