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Virga E. G., Rosso R. Adhesion by curvature of lipid tubules. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1997-1057, 1997.
The adhesion of lipid tubules to a rigid wall is governed by an equilibrium condition that holds at the {it detachment points}, where tubules and wall lose contact. Such an {it adhesion condition} is derived in this paper for the most general elastic energy of the tubule and an arbitrary curved wall. It depends on the curvature of the wall at the detachment points, which thus plays a central r^{o}le in determining whether the adhesion of a tubule is possible. This r^{o}le is clearly illustrated by a specific equilibrium problem we solve here: that where a tubule adheres to a groove, which is modelled as a rigid half-cylinder.
Subject Adhesion, tubules

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