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Geymonat G., Krasucki F., Marini D. A domain decomposition method for bonded plates. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1997-1071, 1997.
We present a domain decomposition type algorithm for dealing with the numerical solution of bonded plates. Since a pioneering work by Goland and Reissner in 1944 the bonding of two elastic three dimensional structures by an adhesive layer is treated with asymptotic analysis. In the resulting limit problem the adhesive disappears from a geometrical point of view but it gives rise to suitable transmission conditions. In a previous paper we introduced and analyzed a domain decomposition type procedure to deal with the limit problem numerically. In the present paper we apply the same technique to the bending of two thin elastic plates (Love-Kirchhoff), bonded in their common plane by an adhesive layer. This layer is also treated as a Love-Kirchhoff plate having, in its plane, a small dimension with respect of those of the two adherent plates. Let $varepsilon$ donote the smallness ratio. The type of transmission conditions in the limit problem depends on the ratio of the bending rigidity coefficients. In what follows we shall consider the case where the bending rigidity coefficient of the glue is given by $varepsilon^3 D_0,~D_0~$ being of the same order of magnitude of $D^+,~D^-$, the bending coefficients of the adherents.
Subject Domain decomposition methods, plates

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