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Colli Franzone P., Guerri L., Pennacchio M., Taccardi B. Spread of excitation in 3-D models of the anisotropic cardiac tissue. Effects of ventricular geometry and fiber structure on the potential distribution. Preprint ercim.cnr.ian//1997-1048, 1997.
In this paper we investigate how the potential distribution, in a simplified model of the left ventricle, is affected by several factors such as: fiber structure and obliqueness, curvature of the wall, presence or absence of extracardiac conducting media. The spread of excitation in the myocardial tissue, represented by an anisotropic bidomain, is treated by means of the eikonal approach that yields the space and time dependent transmembrane potential $v$ during the depolarization phase. The extracellular potential $u$ is obtained as the solution of a linear elliptic equation with the source term related to $v$. The introduction of a split form of the cardiac sources and the associated extracellular potential distributions provides a useful tool to gain a better insight into some features of the potential field in terms of the underlying cardiac sources. The split form of the electrical sources may also provide a basis for an improved theory of the electrocardiogram.
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