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Gerace G. B. Digital system design automation - a method for designing a digital system as a sequential network system. Internal note CSCE-NI-38-1967 (seconda serie), 1967.
This paper deals with problems in computer-aided design or digital systems. Such a design can be accomplished in a digital system is normally described, and this description is translated into logical diagrams by some procedure. In this paper, a digital system is considered as a sequential network system. Therefore a discussion on a general organization or a system including iterative asynchronous networks is premised, and a type of sequential network level-input level-output clocked sequential circuit (LLC circuit) - is defined which allows one to realize a sequential system according to such an organization. A formal method for designing a digital system as a sequential network system is then presented. A digital system is described by a register transfer language, then words and sentences or the language are selected and rearranged to compose as many sets or sentences as the different sequential machine are. A procedure converting each set or sentences into the flow table or the transition-and output table or the corresponding LLC circuit is given. Since alI the LLC circuits operate simultaneously, the result or this translation can be thought or as a state table intermediate language describing the abstract behavior or a system. At this point the problem or realizing a digital system lies in the area or the theory of switching circuits. For this, structural models and synthesis algorithms are given by which different though equivalent system realizations can be obtained and compared. As an example, a computing unit is described and realized.

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