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Gerace G. B., Gestri G. Decomposition of synchronous sequential machines into synchronous and asynchronous submachines. Internal note CSCE-NI-35-1967 (seconda serie), 1967.
The problem of the decomposition of a synchronous sequential machine into smaller submachines has been treated by Hartmanis and Stearns through the algebra of partitions. Using partitions we have faced the problem of the decomposition of a synchronous sequential machine into a state synchronous machine, a state asynchronous machine, and a combinational output circuit. Serial and parallel decompositions are studied. The problem of the physical realization of a synchronous machine having a non-trivial serial or parallel decomposition is examined, and it is shown that these decompositions are useful for economical realizations, since they reduce the number of delay elements necessary for storing the internaI state of the machine. Synchronous machines considered in this paper are chiefly of the Mealy and of the Moore type. However another type of sequential machine is defined which is fouud to be of particular interest for the decomposition studied.

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