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Capriz G. Interaction between disk and blades during vibrations of a thick-bladed turbine disk. In: ASME Vibration Conference (Boston, 29-31 marzo 1967). Proceedings, vol. 67-VIBR-52 The Amerlcan Society of Mechanical Engėneers, 1967.
Forecasts of the proper frequencies of vibration of a thick-bladed disk are difficult, because the interaction between disk, blades, ond shrouding is complex; also it may be necessary to consider modes where the wavelength at the rim is comparable with the thickness. Here a contribution is given to the solution of the problem. The case is considered when: (a) The blades have constant cross section; (b) the principal axes of inertia of the cross section of each blade are in the axial and transverse direction (these directions being specified with reference to the disk); (c) the shrouding is continuous ond joins the tips of the blades.

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