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Mancino O. G. Multiple precision floating point conversion from decimal-to-binary and viceversa. In: Communications of the ACM, vol. 9 (5) pp. 347 - 348. Association Computing Machinery, 1966.
Declmal-to-binary end binary-to-decimal floatinq-polnt conversion is often performed by using a table of the powers 10i (i a positive integer) for convertinq from base lO to base 2, end by using o table of the ceefflclents of a polynomial opproximation of lOx for convertinq from base 2 to base 10. These tables OCCUPY a lorge storaqe region in the case of a nonsingle precision ccnversion. This paper shows that a single small table suffices for o floatinq-point conversion from decimal to blnary, end vice versa, in any useful precision.

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