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Capriz G. Numerical method for evaluating the response of rotating shaft to excitation. In: Pubblicazioni del Centro Studi sulle Calcolatrici Elettroniche del CNR presso l'UniversitÓ degli Studi di Pisa, vol. 36-Serie II pp. 1 - 17. Pisa: CSCE, 1965.
To obtain an accurate forecast of the behaviour of a shaft rotating on plain bearings under excitation, an adequate model must be introduced to represent the response of the bearings; a linear model of th response of the bearings; a linear model of the response is suffient for many practical purposes, but allowance for many practical purposes, but allowance must be made for the variation of film stifness, cross-stiffness, etc. with direction. As a consequence the shaft must be assumed to move in an elliptical, rather than circular, wirl. The phenomenon which must be analyzed is thus more complex than that envisaged in Konig's study, for instance, see Ref.2. We show here nevertheless that it is possible to devise an appropriate generalization of the Myklestad-Holzer method, so that the problem can be solved by matrix manipulations

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