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Pitke M. Effect of a biasing field on the performance of a thin magnetic film memory. In: Alta Frequenza, vol. XXXIV (8) pp. 560 - 563. Associazione Elettrotecnica ed Elettronica Italiana, 1965.
In the course of the investigations of the nondestructive readout (NDRO) oJ thin magnetic filn memories, we have studied the effect oj a biasing field along the transverse (hard) axis on the performance of the memory, It was observed that the amplitude of the readout signal depended somewhat linearly on the strength of the biasing field. An explanation of this behaviour is attempted by making use of the simple rotational model of thin film, Using the biasing techinique, nondestructive readouls were obtained with only a small drop in the amplitude of the readout voltage, and a very high saving in driver power and better signal-to-noise ratio are achieved.
Subject CEP. Storage Units
B.3 Memory structures

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