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Mancino O. G. FORTRAN CEP language : a FORTRAN I I version for the C.E.P. In: Pubblicazioni del Centro Studi sulle Calcolatrici Elettroniche del C.N.R. presso l'Universita' degli Studi di Pisa, vol. 13 - Serie II pp. 1 - 32. Pisa: CSCE, 1963.
The FORTRAN CEP Ianguage differs from FORTRAN II, as described in [l], mainly because : (1) it extends the variety of the modes for real quantities; (2) it allows the addressing of a greater number of iput-output equipments; 3) it removes the limitations on the list of quantities to be transmitted between the magnetic core memory and the drum or the magnetic tape units. A program, written in FORTRAN II language , maybe compiled by the FORTRAN CEP translator, which has been already realized, with only a few modification. The definition of the FORTRAN CEP language is the object of the present paper.
Subject Fortran CEP
D.3.2 Language Classifications

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