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Capriz G. Sulle vibrazioni di aste rotanti. In: Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa - Serie III, vol. 17 pp. 31 - 42. Zanichelli, 1963.
An earlier study had shown that transition between stable and unstable behaviour for a heavy horizontal shaft (notating on lubricated bearėngs) occurred when conditions where realized which permitted elliptical whirls of the shaft such that there was no increase of the value of the force due to the lubricant and acting on the journal, over the steady state value : in a sense the shaft was then floating freely on the bearėng with no interference from the supports (except in so faras they provided the force equėlibrating the weight); as a consequence rules of transition ėnvolved thenatural frequencies of the free shaft. These results where obtaėned under the assumption of complete lubrication; if cavitation occurs in thebearings, conditions change. In the present paper it is argued that at transition the excess of the value of the lubricant forces over the steady state value is then such that the exeess force sėmulates an elastic restraining force; as a consequence rules of transitėon involve the natural frequencies of the shaft resting on elastic supports of appropriate rigidity.
Subject Vibrazioni di aste rotanti
Equazioni differenziali
G.1.7 Ordinary Differential Equations

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